About Our Podcast

Top 5 Film Podcast is a bi-monthly, 1-2 hour recording that not only focuses on gauging reactions and reviewing new feature film releases, but also includes discussions of all things media and pop culture-related surrounding the world of film.

The origins of Top 5 Film Podcast began at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, where hosts Trevor Schoenfeld and Jonnie Chang saw for the first time the epic awesomeness that was Edgar Wright's third feature film, SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD.  Although Trev and Jonnie had previously considered the idea of recording their thoughts on everything film-related (an already-popular topic of conversation between the two friends who met via Twitter), this electric screening sparked the desire to finally commit to releasing a recurring podcast with friends and fellow film fans alike.

In the podcasts earlier episodes Trev and Jonnie would pair each movie reviewed with coinciding Top 5 lists (hence the name of the podcast). As the series progressed over the course of the last five years, the Top 5 lists became something much different and far less frequent. Our Top 5 list now represent our favorite content over the course of a period of time, i.e. summer or the entire year. The idea is that listeners hear our take all year long and we'll wrap-up the year or wrap-up the summer with a Top 5 list.

Warning: Top 5 Film Podcast contains spoilers. Episodes are best listened to after seeing the particular movie(s) being covered.