November 15, 2015

Ep. 97 - A Spectre Says What?

James Bond is back in "Spectre," the 24th 007 film across 53 years. This appears to be Daniel Craig's final time wearing the tuxedo, playing with the gadgets and fast cars. Top 5 Film talks the Bond franchise as well as the mark that Daniel Craig has left the iconic character created by Ian Fleming.

Show Notes:
00:31 - Intros and the Writing's on the Wall
05:38 - Aston Martin and Chase Scenes
10:05 - Momentum and Tentacle Mom Tangent
18:45 - Grounding James Bond
26:36 - Useless Nanobots, Villains, and Heroines
35:04 - Prequels Versus Serials
44:53 - James Bond will Return
55:56 - Where Are You Going? and Outros