November 10, 2015

Ep. 96 - Decoding the Force

Maybe you'd heard a new Star Wars movie was coming out? For Top 5 Film this is a monumental event and we had to get our feelings out about the Star Wars franchise. We also wanted to share our fan theories and enthusiasm built off marketing and news ahead of "The Force Awakens" releasing next month. Enjoy!

Show Notes:
00:31 - Intros and Mini "The Martian" Review
08:21 - Our First Star Wars Experiences and the Toyline
25:23 - Star Wars is Universal
32:26 - Two Star Wars Audiences
37:42 - Uniting the Audience
44:02 - All the Trailers and their Implications
67:48 - Original Trilogy Deaths and other Conjecture
80:40 - Backwards Design and Informing the Universe
89:09 - Outros