August 23, 2015

Ep. 94 - A Day of Living Dangerously

In episode 94, Top 5 Film discusses the 2015 Reel Grit: Six Shooter, a film marathon featuring six AFI alumni filmmakers who each present a movie that heavily influenced them becoming the artists they are today. Presenters included; Editor Affonso Goncalves, Screenwriter David Arata, Producer Michael Dinner, Production Designer Joseph Garrity, Director John McTiernan, and Cinematographer Steven Fierberg.

Show Notes:
00:31 - Intros and Reel Grit: Six Shooter Background
03:57 - Watching with Purpose and Aimless Viewing
09:10 - Taking Programming for Granted
12:28 - Feature No.1: "The Lovers on the Bridge"
18:56 - Feature No.2: "The Year of Living Dangerously"
25:14 - Feature No.3: "The Conformist"
32:34 - Feature No.4: "Orlando"
42:57 - Feature No.5: "McCabe & Mrs. Miller"
55:32 - Feature No.6: "Five Easy Pieces"
63:46 - Linkage and Themes at Six Shooter
68:01 - Join Reel Grit and Outros