December 06, 2013

Ep. 67 - November Catch-Up

The month of November whizzed right by Top 5 Film and we never released an episode, so to make up for it we've put together a catch-up episode. Our November Catch-Up includes AFI FEST 2013, "Thor: The Dark World," "Dallas Buyers Club," "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," and also a discussion on the untimely and tragic death of Paul Walker.

October 29, 2013

Ep. 66 - To Counsel, Or Not To Counsel

Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy made a movie together called "The Counselor" and Top 5 Film hoped it was going to be a masterpiece, it isn't and we brought on Senior Editor of Very Aware and contributing writer of Reel Vixen Courtney Howard to discuss why the film failed. To coincide with weird sex act described in "The Counselor" we decided to make our Top 5 list about exactly that, weird sex acts in cinema. Enjoy!

October 14, 2013

September 16, 2013

Ep. 64 - The Cornetto Trilogy

A decade ago Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost started something that they may or may not have realized would become something much bigger. "Shaun of the Dead" triggered the beginning of the Cornetto trilogy. Now that the most recent collaboration of these three has released "The World's End," and we've all enjoyed, Top 5 Film thought it a perfect time to discuss the entire trilogy and some of our most favorite memories.

July 31, 2013

Ep. 63 - The Future of X

Episode 63 sees Top 5 Film return to San Diego Comic Con and the guys talk all about Marvel's presence at annual event as well as 20th Century Fox's 6th X-Men movie and second solo Wolverine film "The Wolverine." The duo also break down their Top 5 ideas for characters that need to return or show-up in future X-Men films. Expect a huge chunk of mutant talk on this episode.

July 19, 2013

Ep. 62 - Hey Kaiju, Get Off Our Lawn!

In episode 62 Top 5 Film welcomes back Steve Zaragoza of Source Fed. Last time Steve was on the show we talked Hobbits and this time we are talking giant monsters and robots in lieu of Guillermo det Toro's "Pacific Rim" releasing. For the Top 5 list the group breakdown their favorite Kaiju and Jaeger's (not limited to Pacific Rim) and for a bonus round the group discusses what giant monster/robot movie would they most like to see next.

June 26, 2013

Ep. 61.5 - After The End

Playing some apocalyptic catch-up Top 5 Film decided to talk "After Earth" and "This is the End," two films that are not directly related but for all intents and purposes on this .5 episode they are enough that we could group them and do an episode.

June 25, 2013

Ep. 61 - Superman's Back

The long awaited return of Superman to the big screen has happened and in episode 61 of Top 5 Film the hosts welcome back regular guest Ryan Turek of Shock Till You Drop to talk the "Man of Steel" its success at the box office as well as some of the backlash seen floating around the internet. As always Top 5 Film has a list to coincide with "Man of Steel" and it is our Top 5 Villains to see in the next film (and beyond).

May 30, 2013

Ep. 60 - Fast. Big. Insane. Fun.

In episode 60 Top 5 Film welcomes back /Film writer Germain Lussier to talk the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious, "Fast & Furious 6." Along with revving up our motors on Furious Six, the group breaks down the Top 5 characters they would like to see return or join the franchise.

May 15, 2013

Ep. 59.5 - Remembering Ebert

This year we lost a very important figure in the world of film criticism and Top 5 Film thought it important to dedicate an .5 episode to Mr. Roger Ebert's memory. In order to do justice to Ebert's legacy Top 5 Film thought it wise to bring on 5 revered film critics to tell their own memories of the great Roger Ebert. In order of appearance guests include: James Rocchi of MSN, Jen Yamato of Deadline, Mr. Beaks of AICN, Amy Nicholson of Los Angeles Times, and Drew McWeeny of Hitfix. Enjoy and cheers!

May 07, 2013

April 14, 2013

March 27, 2013

March 10, 2013

Ep. 56 - Planet Hollywood Life Support

Across January and February three aged action stars released three different movies that could have potentially been prime time successes twenty years ago, today they quietly opened to little success. The three aged action stars I speak of are one time Planet Hollywood moguls Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis and the three titles are "The Last Stand," "Bullet to the Head," and "A Good Day to Die Hard." To help Top 5 Film discuss these three titles we welcome on first time guest Luke Mullen a movie fanatic like ourselves, one who from time to time contributes over at Film School Rejects. The group not only breaks down these three early 2013 releases but also discuss our top 5 final battle(s) from Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Willis' film arsenal.

February 28, 2013

February 18, 2013

Ep. 55 - Predicting Oscar's 85th

In the 55th episode your hosts decide to run through the nominees for the 85th Annual Academy Awards and predict what the Academy will choose. How close will we be, you'll have to listen to find out. To coincide with the Oscar predictions, your hosts will list the Top 5 films they believed should have also been nominated for Best Picture.

January 30, 2013

January 20, 2013

January 12, 2013

Ep. 52 - Top 5 Guests & Top 5 Films of 2012

In episode 52 of Top 5 Film your hosts wrap up 2012 by bringing on five diverse guests to discuss their Top 5 Films from 2012. Returning to the show to share their lists are Mr. Beaks of Ain't it Cool News, Germain Lussier of SlashFilm, artist/musician Sam Smith and Jen Yamato of Moveline. Rounding out the guests is fellow Tallyteer @Bobfreelander of Rupert Pupkin Speaks. The episode promises a wide variety of films from 2012 and plenty of in-depth discussion from voices you should trust on films that must be seen.