January 30, 2011

Ep. 11 - 2010 Year in Review Part.2

In Part 2 of our year in review episode we break down our Top 5 Scripts of the year along with Top 5 Supporting and Leading Performances by a Male and Female Actor. We also break down our Top 5 Directors of the year and lastly our Top 5 Films of the year. Joining us again on this episode is very special guest Sam Smith.

January 26, 2011

Ep. 10 - 2010 Year in Review Part.1

In the first part of our end of the year review episode we spend a lot of time talking about one of favorite films of the year, "Never Let Me Go." We also break down our Top 5 Achievements in Cinematography and Top 5 Scores or Soundtracks in 2010. On this two part episode we welcome special guest Sam Smith.